My First blog and a poem

Hello My name is Mary and this is my first blog.
I am a Canadian nurse nearing the end of my career looking forward to retirement some time in the next few years. In my spare time I like to write poetry, do some painting with acrylics and play the ukulele. I love riding my bike and can occasionally be found cycling along the rural countryside, kicking up stones and counting rows of corn. It’s a great past time.
I started writing poetry early on in my nursing career and now have several in a file folder. I started wondering what to do with them and so I am in the process of writing a poetry book. I’ll keep you posted on that endeavour.
Since it’s spring, I thought I would share one of my favourite poems I wrote it in 2007


A smell so indescribable,
A freshness beckoning spring,
Young nose against the window,
A crocus spreads it’s wings.

The last flake of snow has fallen,
The crisp leaf damp and silent,
Heaviness in the air,
Puddles all around.

The mist dampens hair,
A thallumpp of rubber boots
Slip upon remnants of frozen snow,
And memories of toboggans.

Bicycles brought from summer past,
With fantails of water,
Splashing in the air,
Cleaning dusty chrome.

Mittens peek from overstuffed pockets,
Jackets cradle the wind,
Rosy cheeks taunt the cold,
Dormant spirits emerge.

Slainte 😀


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  1. This is beautiful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Slainte says:

    How kind thank you😊


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